Let us learn to see beyond the surface, to view life’s challenges through the eyes of the heart. Embracing a spiritual perspective unlocks the true meaning and purpose behind every situation. May our hearts guide us towards compassion, understanding, and love, allowing us to navigate life’s journey with grace and wisdom.


Often we make decisions based on logic, reason, or societal expectations. However, there is a deeper and more profound way to navigate life’s challenges – by seeing situations through the eyes of the heart. This spiritually-based approach is the third step in The Solets Key – Look through the eyes of the heart. Using this method enables us to tap into our inner wisdom and connect with a higher power, bringing us closer to our true purpose and fulfilment. This inner person, who is the real us, sees and knows things that are not identical to what the eyes of the body can see.

When we view situations solely with our physical senses, we become limited by what we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell. However, we transcend these limitations by shifting our perspective to see through the eyes of the heart – using love as our guiding light. The heart allows us to perceive beyond what is immediately visible and taps into the realm of intuition and spiritual understanding.

Our hearts possess a deep wellspring of wisdom that goes beyond intellectual knowledge or analytical thinking. By quieting the mind and listening attentively to our heart’s whispers, we can access this innate wisdom knowing what is best for us. Intuition becomes a powerful tool when we trust in its guidance and learn to listen to its gentle nudges.

Seeing through the eyes of the heart fosters compassion for ourselves and others. When faced with challenging circumstances or complex individuals, it becomes easier to understand their struggles and respond with empathy rather than judgment or anger. Compassion allows us to bridge gaps between people and build connections based on understanding rather than differences.

From a spiritual perspective, every situation in life has a purpose and unfolds according to divine order – even if it may appear chaotic or unjust at times. By seeing through the eyes of the heart, we can trust in this divine order and surrender to the greater plan. This perspective frees us from unnecessary worry and helps us find peace amid uncertainty, knowing that everything ultimately works for our highest good.

When we view situations through the eyes of the heart, we recognise the countless blessings surrounding us daily. Gratitude becomes a natural response as our hearts overflow with appreciation for life’s simple pleasures. Additionally, joy becomes a constant companion as we find fulfilment in aligning ourselves with our deepest values and purpose.